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Zoom vs Skype: From Business To Personal Use [Work Meetings, Webinars, Video Calls]

Zoom vs Skype: From Business To Personal Use [Work Meetings, Webinars, Video Calls] 

In light of humanity’s biggest threat today – COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak and the “stay-at-home” necessity for millions of people, public interest in video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, virtual meetings and social messaging has gone viral. Unsurprisingly, as nearly all of us have online meetings and interviews scheduled at least once so far. 

Among the top video conferencing apps used to connect with others for both work and personal goals while the vicious coronavirus outbreak, there are the two winners dominating the video communication market – Skype and its younger rival, Zoom. Wondering how much is domination?

As for the recent usage data, Skype and Zoom combined accounted for 45% of a video conferencing market, leaving competitors well behind. Quite impressive, right? 

But that certainly is not a “Skype+Zoom against others” type of rivalry. Growing bigger over time, now they are competing against each other, sparking heated debates between a so-called ‘Skype-generation’ (wasn’t Skype a video conferencing pioneer after all?), and Zoomers.

Skype vs Zoom: infographic

Needless to say, not only work productivity, but the quality of life is at stake under a growing need for social distancing and self-isolation these days. So, which app do you need for your next team meeting or a webinar? And, which do you need for chatting, video calls and screen sharing with family and friends?

Let’s learn the strengths and weaknesses of both Zoom and Skype to see which one could work for you, or your business better. A unique take on off-work day-to-day interactions for staying in touch with the closest ones will be given. 

Note: A SlideShare for Zoom vs Skype Review is available for download below.

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Zoom vs Skype: Company Profiles

Before examining the applications, it’s good to see who stand behind the Zoom and Skype platforms, and where it all started.

Zoom vs Skype:Company profiles

Below are given Zoom’s and Skype’s market share of unified communications.

Zoom's market share of unified communications.

Zoom vs Skype: Features

Even though Skype constantly updates its system adding new features year-after-year, Zoom boasts an impressive range of features comparable to those of Skype on each level.  

Zoom vs. Skype:  Zoom Features

Since Skype for Business was replaced by Microsoft Teams, we’ll list both Skype features (for personal use), and Microsoft Teams. 

Zoom vs. Skype:  Skype Features
Zoom vs. Skype:  Microsoft Teams Features

Zoom vs Skype: How Easy Is It To Work From Home?

Being in high demand well before the social distancing measures, video conferencing apps are now having unprecedented success within large and small companies, not-for-profit organizations, health institutions, colleges and schools around the world. In months, weeks and days, a typical 9 to 5 corporate world has shifted to work-from-home type, so much familiar to freelancers and digital nomads. But how easy it actually is to work remotely while managing day-to-day communication with colleagues and customers? Zoom and Skype users seem to have the answer (the online reviews from around the web).

  • Zoom is a reliable meeting tool

Zoom’s infrastructure is the best, during these COVID-19 days we switched to remote working. All the people from the company can connect and speak/share what they want. Managers are giving audio conferences.Internal development team records their in-house training for later use. Our chemists can give webinars to their community easily. It is reliable and fast. Last but the best thing is the visual background feature.

  • Real-time Zoom meetings with instructors

With everything going on today Zoom is becoming very helpful to have meetings with my instructor’s that chose to use it. To be able to have video is much better than just watching an audio video, like some of my other instructors have done. Having the option to show and share my video view, having the ability to minimize the video screen to do work on another app if needed, having the ease of muting and unmuting myself for conversation and noise purposes, and having the option to send a quick emoji type or response or a private chat with an individual are all wonderful features and very useful. I also find Zoom very convenient because it can be used with smartphones.

  • Video calling through Skype

I like many things in Skype video calling applications because it enables me to connect with anyone sitting anywhere in just a second. No other application can compete with Skype in the market of Video calling. The subscription plans offer an unlimited amount of minutes and other positive services for voice and video calls.

  • Video conferencing is easy

I LOVE using this product for the office. I’d only used Skype for personal reasons prior to this job and was amazed by all of the features that I’d never used. The easy muting feature helps keep conference calls smooth and without interruptions. Skype is essential for us to stay in communication with clients and remote staff and so far has not failed me in any case.

Note: Skype for Business is no longer available and was recently replaced by Microsoft Teams. Yet for the sake of this blog post’s clarity, we keep both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams features and customer reviews listed.

Team Meetings For Large and Small Businesses 

Even though more than a decade old Skype is well regarded by both large corporations and freelance professionals, its younger rival – Zoom is threatening to overtake the position thanks to great quality video conferencing, virtual backgrounds,  streamlined calendaring.

Webinars For Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

Supposing you are a consultant, a tutor, course creator, blogger, or anyone, working as ‘solopreneurs’, a webinar is one of the means you connect with your clients and turn prospects into customers.

Skype has championed online jobs for a decade, yet many more freelancers (course creators in particular) tend to favor Zoom for obvious reasons. Reportedly, it is easy to set up a virtual classroom and have a group project with MPEG-4 cloud recording, closed captioning, audio sharing during screen sharing, chat, group messaging, mobile collaboration, and more. So the superpower features that online tutors, consultants, and freelancers around the world like about Zoom are: 

  • Up to 100 interactive video participants
  • Live broadcasts across social channels (with Facebook Live and YouTube integrations)
  • Webinar recordings and auto-generated transcripts
  • Reports and analytics on registrants and attendees engagement
  •  Q&A, live polling, virtual hand-rising
  • Easy Zoom Video Webinars monetization through PayPal integration via Zapier 
  • One-click HD screen sharing(video/audio share)

Skype, on the other hand, offers real-time translation with Skype Translator which may improve participants’ engagement due to ease of understanding. It also offers Background blur to let you be the focal point. Yet, despite the updates, Skype leaves the credit to Zoom. Also, Microsoft Teams has been a replacement for Skype for business as of March 2020 (wasn’t it long been discussed in the press since the announcement?). In case you are interested in how the Teams are different here’s the original link to the Microsoft Teams page.

Screen Sharing For Effective Presentations

Well, strictly speaking, that’s not just for presentations – that’s more than that. In fact, the whole event can be run as a screen share meeting in Zoom. Multiple options for screen sharing(both for Skype and Zoom), make it an essential element of today’s business communication. For Skype, however, screen sharing is only available for Android (6.0 and higher), robust laptops, and with the latest Skype version, making it a pain (or inaccessible at all) for those with outdated hardware. With Zoom’s screen share you can:

  • Optimize a shared video clip fullscreen
  • Screen share a PowerPoint or a Keynote presentation
  • Share a whiteboard
  • Share multiple screens simultaneously
  • Screen share a camera input
  • Share the screen and make annotations to it
  • Add a watermark to your sharings

With a slightly different Skype version of screen sharing it seems that this feature is bent more towards the social side of life – with screen records and group screen sharing. Thus, Zoom gets another credit for effective screen sharing property.

Almost scrolled down? Hold on a second, here’s how Christofer K, one of the Zoom customers, uses the handy feature while staying at home these days. Worth trying, huh?

I am able to host choir rehearsals without leaving the house – so we can have a chance to chat, do some detailed musical rehearsal and see everyone’s faces and make sure we are on the same page… also brilliant that I can share my screen so my choir can see my sheet music and all my specific annotations – much easier than trying to explain!

Group Messaging For Real-Time Communication

Well, the winner in the group messaging is a tie. Both Skype (or Microsoft Teams for businesses) and Zoom have group messaging options. While Skype offers group video chat for up to 50 people, Zoom does not limit the number of chat participants allowing up to 100, but it limits the time for group chats (up to 40 mins on free plans). Zoom promises chat with groups, searchable history, integrated file sharing, and 10-year archive. Group chats can easily escalate into 1:1 or group calls. Skype guarantees group screen sharing, video recordings and video calling during the group chat sessions for distance learning and team collaborations.

App Integrations For Easy File And Data Exchange

No, that’s not just about documents exchange – that’s bigger! Multiple application integrations allow large chunks of data (a customer base, for example) to be transported within half of a second from you to someone else, or from one department to another. Well, with the help of software, of course. The general ‘the more, the merrier’ does not go a long way here. Although it matters, much emphasis is placed on what those integrations are. Imagine that Skype (or Zoom) does not allow Chrome integration. What a shame! Not being able to access a great video conferencing tool unless you switch to another browser.


Relax, they have. That’s not the only one integration. More than 121 app integrations are available for Zoom users, while nearly twice as little are for those of Skype (80), making Zoom the absolute winner despite Skype’s best effort. Some of the most popular Zoom and Skype integrations are shown below.

Desktop vs. Mobile Experience: For Ease Of Use

Because of its nature, Zoom is very much business-oriented with its “one consistent enterprise experience”. And is widely popular for Zoom Rooms(a physical conference room software), Breakout Rooms(allow to split up a Zoom meeting into separate discussions), whiteboarding, multi-share, etc. across different industries. Based on 300+ reviews, just 4-6% of customers use Zoom to connect to their families and friends.

From the very beginning Skype, however, positioned itself as a fundamental telecommunication tool that lets you “have meetings and create great things with your workgroup, share a story or celebrate a birthday with friends and family, and learn a new skill or hobby with a teacher”. And it sticks – as millions see Skype as a must-have telecommunication app. 

Zoom vs Skype: How Fun Is It To Stay At Home?

Work is an important component of like. So do friends and family. Easy to use and affordably priced, Skype is rigorously backed up by its fans, most of which grew attached over the years of active usage both for work and social interaction. 

Amjad A, an entrepreneur who uses the app for more than 7 years, rates his ongoing Skype experience as excellent. In his own words “Skype was the first program to introduce the video calling mechanism and it helped me connect with my loved ones in the time I needed the most”.

Another longtime Skype user, Prashat D. form California, describes his Skype video conferencing as “the cheapest way to reach friends and family no matter where they live in just a second”. He also admits he does business meetings over Skype.

Beth L, a social media evaluator who used Skype for personal and business needs for years, recalls her prolonged stay in a foreign country: “When I lived overseas, by providing a local Skype number to my friends and family, they were able to call me without having to pay overseas phone charges”.

Are we biased towards Skype? 

It seems that Zoom on a personal level (despite work collaborations as its priority), performs quite well these days. Its video calls feature in particular.

Zoom is an excellent tool to be communicated by video calls regardless of place or distance. It is easy to organize meetings and export them directly to our calendars and thus have stable and high-quality events with colleagues, friends or family with key characteristics, such as use screen sharing and audio and video settings Your registration is totally free also has a live chat to make the seminars more interesting and keep up with everything at work, says Linibeth C., an employee at Ingeniero de Sistemas.

Orianne G., Marketing Innovation Senior Associate, also highlights Zoom’s value saying,

Zoom is the best option to schedule meetings immediately or after making a reservation and to invite your attendees through a direct link. With this tool, you can make video calls and organize meetings and interviews with customers, students, family members, and friends. It can be linked to calendar applications like Google Calendar, Outlook. Zoom enables transmission to Facebook and YouTube directly through the user interface of any operating system or device that many prefer the platform

Ryan W., “a young man designing tech for NASA”(as his bio describes) also sounds delighted, saying that Zoom makes it easy to work from home.

Joining calls is as simple as opening an email and waiting for the call to connect. A co-worker just reached out to me and explained how great it was after him only using it ONCE. great tool overall, he adds.

As you’ve probably noticed already, in all of the cases the primary reason for installing Zoom is its work-from-home application. 

Zoom vs Skype: Customer satisfaction and Reliability  

Yet, how customers rated Zoom and Skype? 

We’ve analyzed 2000+ online reviews from multiple websites and open data sources, bringing together in an ultimate head-to-head comparison of Zoom and Skype. 

Zoom vs Skype: What’s The Take?

Best for team meetings, webinars and work from home, Zoom beats Skype, as a more advanced and easy to use video conferencing tool. 

Skype, on the other hand, outperforms Zoom on the social side of interactions. Its video calls, video messaging, and screen sharing provides all the basic functionality at an affordable price, starting at just $2.00 USD. Zoom plans, however, even though not the most expensive on the market of video conferencing software, evidently are less attractive for those who want to connect to their friends, family, or handle occasional one-on-one conversations with clients.

The pattern easily shifts back from Zoom’s favor to Skype for Business(now replaced by Microsoft Teams) as the company grows. This is especially true for Windows users and medium-sized organizations.

It seems natural to sum up the Zoom versus Skype review with Alan S., co-founder of The Hunger People, who praises Zoom’s contribution in the hard times of social distancing and worldwide quarantine.   

“Fabulous to see people, many at one time, literally all over the world. At a time of great concern and “social distancing”, much better than email or teleconferences alone. Zoom is vital in helping us connect, substitute virtual webinars and other events at a time when in-person programs cannot occur. Likely, even after this passes, we’ll do a hybrid, in-person and virtual”.

Which video conferencing app will you be using? Share your comments with others.

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