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Twitch vs. Mixer: Should You Stream On Mixer in 2020?
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Twitch vs. Mixer: Should You Stream On Mixer in 2020? 

Do you want to become the next big streamer? Are you ready to do what it takes? So, then let us have a look at these following platforms twitch or mixer and consider which one is going to be of the most help to you in the actualization of your dreams.

However, it is not to say that if you are already on one of those, that you should leave and move to a different one. 

Without further ado, let us get an outline up and speak to you of the path this article is going to follow in explaining the important data whether Twitch or Mixer is the right platform whether you are new or someone with a community.

  • A bit of history on Mixer as Twitch most probably needs no introduction
  • Then a bit of the feud between these two platforms which no one is talking about, (must be interesting to read)
  • Ninja
  • We will speak about the requirements for the affiliate program
  • Also, where it is easier to make more money
  • We will top it off with the pros and cons of the platforms for a sweater read

It is no secret that twitch is the giant in the streaming business.  In fact, over 75% of streams happen on this very platform. Surely it is changing rapidly due to the sudden insurgence of Mixer.

Market share of Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Live.

Even though it might seem like Mixer’s existence was only noticed after Ninja announcement, oh yeah about that, it might seem impossible to talk about streaming without mentioning Ninja’s name along the way.

In fact, we will take this road and mention about his highness 😉but not in a sense of talking about if and whether Ninja’s moving was good or bad.

First, because there are like a ton of other content out there specifically discussing this.

Second, we might actually look at it from the point of view of the new streamer who is just about to start his journey.

Mixer, e.g Beam was founded by Matt Salsamendi back in 2016 and sold to Microsoft the same year for an unclosed amount of sum. Microsoft renamed it “Mixer” and made the platform that it is today with all of its buzz and popularity.

If you were to look at the Mixer you would easily notice the stats skyrocketing within the last few months of 2019. After signing an exclusivity deal with the streaming superstar Ninja.

Mixer hours skyrocketed after ninjas arrival at the platform

If you are wondering how come one streamer could cause such a big buzz and singlehandedly increase its views and hours watched. You either have not watched Ninja’s streams, or you are more like an early millennial or could be one from baby boomers.

We say that with confidence because Ninja’s followers are young and the majority of them are gen Z, or even gen X. Which is why it was, arguably, the power move for Microsoft. Because even if you can’t win the war now you will still have won tomorrow’s war. Because tomorrow’s streamer viewers are going to be there on Mixer.

Also, have you ever heard about Vine? I bet you do, but do you really know what happened and why they failed overnight?

You might be wondering what is this Vine app is got to do with my streamer dreams, I am here to merely find out which one is the best. You would be right to think that, but you also would want to find out which one is going to be alive tomorrow or not, right?  Why stream on Twitch if there will be no one left to watch your stream.

We are not making any statements yet! We only want to bring about what happened to Vine only to give you a clearer idea of what could happen to Twitch.

So, the real story goes like this: about 20 of the most popular Viners complained and asked Vine to change its policies and said they were going to stop posting if it did not.

As you might have already guessed, the Vine did not change whatever they were asked to. And those Vine stars among whom were Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, and many others, stopped posting.

And the rest is history.

Now imagine if top 20 of the Twitch streamers suddenly moved to Mixer with their millions and millions of followers.

The history showed that followers are called followers because they follow their content makers wherever they go. In this day and age, it is not quite where or what platform you use, it is what you preach and what you convey and if you happen to do it well, and people like that.

There is no reason to choose a platform but to work on yourself, and on your delivery, charisma, on and on.

We showed the example of Vine only to raise the hypothesis that if Twitch is not prepared, they could be the next dead app that people remember on Mixer.

And Twitch has been getting a lot of complaints, like lots and lots of them. If your streamers are not happy, especially ones with millions of views, and followers you need to find a way to keep them happy, or else, someone else will do.

This brings us to our next topic about Twitch and its competition. (add subheadings, please) Approximately about 6 months before, Twitch probably had no idea and zero expectations about the power move of Microsoft.

In fact, it is hard to call this a war between the two platforms, as the war had been going on for a while now among the streaming platforms like Facebook live, YouTube gaming, Twitch, and Mixer.

It was hard to call it a war or anything of that sort until Gates declared it on Bezos, this is just a figurative speech, so you don’t have to go around and google war between Gates and Bezos. 😉

Among the four of them obviously Twitch is the strongest and has the most power, but the ones that are coming at us are also not that feeble or poor. Since Facebook live is supported you know who and has the potential to push the streaming Facebook Live even further with its billions of users.

And YouTube gaming is also supported by the largest search system – Google. It also has the unique potential to go big, because most of the Twitch streamers are also on YouTube. So, why not also stream on there too.

The Mixer, on the other hand, came out unexpectedly strong with new FTL transmissions, even though by now many of the other streamer platforms are also working on seamless streamers with the least possible time of delay. Mixer got there first.

Because the market share was something like 75% Twitch, 22% YouTube gaming live, and Facebook live at one or two percent, and Mixer at 1% before the Ninja’s arrival. Also, now Mixer sits at 3%, which is still a tiny number when compared to Twitch’s more than 70% market share.

Jumping from 1% market share to 3% might not sound scary or threat-worthy, but for a company whose name was but rarely ever heard, It is an increase of 200% percent. And now their name is on the lips of everyone including us and you, which is why you are probably reading this.

It raises a threat, especially when Twitch even did not expect it to come from this very platform. And because Mixer grabbing the youngest audience with Ninja.  

As interesting as a topic to discuss which of the two is going to win, or will it be totally different companies like YouTube or Facebook Live, or will they share the market and their streamers, this could be the debate most probably will not end in one article or two.

So, let us talk about some other practical things you might find very useful and beneficial to your streaming career.

The reason we decided to give this chapter a warrior-like name as Ninja is by no means related to Ninja the streamer. It is related to a streamer, but not only to this particular streamer.

By now Mixer has Shroud and Goth and a few other streamers with a bit fewer following but still with a meaningful count of followers that can cause meaningful damage to Twitch’s watch time.

The graph below shows that the total watch time of Twitch is decreased significantly after Mixer acquired Ninja.

twitch total watch time dropped

This information though concerns only the time after Ninja was acquired. We are sorry that we were not able to get the latest information on what was the effect of the arrival of other streamers.

To make a sense of it after only one streamer leaving, it is important to keep an open mind and be ready because as we have stipulated earlier this could cause a ripple effect, which means, that it could attract and entice more streamers to leave the platform after seeing Ninja doing just fine.

Especially those who were not satisfied with Twitch’s decisions lately.

There are about 70,00 streamers on Mixer while more than 1.5 million on Twitch as per StreamLabs. This could only mean that you have better chances and less competition on Mixer. But let us remind you of the point we made earlier, which was that there is no need to leave one platform over the other if you already are successful to a degree.

However, if you are just starting out, it might be better to start off from Mixer. Because there is one more thing which is what is going to help you get more views than less competition.

It is the fact that they have Hype Zone, which is something that pivots around on different streams picking the best and most tense moments to show the viewer.

In other words, it shows the last ten people left on Fortnight, and if one was to die it switches to the other automatically.  It also cuts all the boring time you have to sit through to watch the most interesting and tense moments.

This idea works very well both for the viewer and for the streamers.

As a viewer, you could easily find intense fights or battles or whatever it is your game’s most tense moments feature. Also, you are able to discover new talents much easier and faster.

As a streamer, if you have been streaming very well and playing your game on a professional level, and happen to be on the Hype Zone, you could get new followers and views and visits to your channel. It is basically an advertisement for millions of viewers for free.

We mentioned those unique features of Mixer as something that no other platform has and this itself can be a big matter to consider for competitors.

We have seen before in a business world many apps, or businesses copy from each other, and it would not have been a surprise to see it happening with other streaming platforms, namely with Twitch too.

Now, this brings us to the topic of affiliate programs of both platforms, so, let us get that out of the way. then we can talk about how much you can make on both platforms.

Becoming a Twitch affiliate is very much straight forward:

  • You need to have at least 500 total minutes of broadcast in the last 30 days.
  • You need to have at least 7 unique broadcast days within the last 30 days.
  • You need to have obtained at least 3 concurrent viewers or more within the last 30 days.
  • You need to have at least 50 followers

This concludes becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

In order to become a Mixer affiliate or partner as they call it:

  • Your account has to be two months’ old
  • Have acquired more than 2,000+ followers
  • Streamed for 12 days or more in total per month
  • Streamed for more than 25 hours per month
  • And have followed terms of service and user conduct.

When it comes to making money, though without wasting your time and precious brain cells on more data and statistics, we can simply reveal that you would make more money on Twitch.

There are many reasons, but first and the most obvious one is: Amazon Prime.

Now streaming actually is more of a North American culture thing, or at least it originated and became popular on this continent. And a huge number of people are Amazon Prime members.

Why, would this be important for you? As you know, Twitch’s first-tier membership comes with Amazon Prime. So, they would not have to lift a finger to subscribe to your channel. 

But you would still get the percentage of the monthly subscription fee depending on the number of subscribers, whether they are uniquely paid members on Twitch or Prime.

But don’t let that discourage you, because as a small streamer, you would be getting basically the same amount if any.

If Twitch has those Prime free subs, Mixer has the Embers which work in the following way:

Basically, a viewer can watch your content and gain experience and unlock many features that the platform has to offer, simultaneously earning sparks that they can donate to you.

For a viewer, there is absolutely no investment required apart from watching your steams to support you.

For a streamer, once you accumulate a certain number of sparks you can transform them into real dollars.

So far, we are one for Twitch and one for Mixer in terms of obtaining easier support.

mixer vs ttwitch sparks vs bits

Another factor we could put into Twitch is that it has a huge base of viewers, which means you might become an affiliate faster, and easier.

But on the other side, with Mixer the community is precious. They have from the start maintained the kind of rules and regulations on the community that people on there usually behave much better.

It is no secret that Twitch has more toxicity and negativity overall than Mixer. Part of it could be because Twitch as a platform is not quite as penalizing as Mixer

Example: if you are on Mixer, and spreading toxicity and talking trash all the time, the mods will immediately notice and ban you for life. And they work 24/7 and very effectively.

Apart from those aspects, the rest of the strategy is quite similar. What we mean by quite similar is that you need to ask for donations and rely on sub services, and commission on partnerships or affiliate.

The requirement for your charisma is also basically the same, you constantly need to improve your stream and its quality and the way you appeal to people. These things have been like the backbone of streamer to making a living. And it remains the say across all platforms.

The verdict is that if you are new or starting new it might be wiser to start on Mixer since there is not much difference in terms of payouts. It all depends on how well, and quick you develop as a streamer and how good of a streamer you put out.

However, if you grew big and were one of the bigger streamers, the statistics show that Twitch streamers make more money.

Because, it was and is the go-to platform for a streamer and many companies and businesses advertise there, those streamers are known to make quite the good sums from that aspect alone.

After all this information, your mind must be heating up. So, let us simplify this and put it in a table.

Mixer Pros Twitch Pros
Community More daily viewers and streamers than any other platform
Quick to react administration Its dashboard
Faster-than-light (FTL) streaming protocol The affiliate program
Co-streaming with three other streamers Twitch Prime membership
Hype Zone  
Xbox and Windows 10 integration  

To sum it up

First and foremost, regardless of which platform you are going to be on, keep in mind that streaming is still streaming. If you could make it on Twitch, you can definitely make it on Mixer or the other way around.

Obviously there are pluses and minuses of both platforms, that are going to facilitate your streamer experience and help your career.

However, focusing on your delivery and personality is, what is going to give you the most results, and push forward that you might need.

That being said, good luck on your streamer journey, stay indoors and stream ahead.

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