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Skype vs Skype Business: Differences, Prices, Pros and Cons

Skype vs Skype Business: Differences, Prices, Pros and Cons 

Skype vs Skype for business is a topic every business needs to know about. 

Did you know despite the popularity of Zoom, Skype for business still has its fair share of usage by many of the big companies? 

However, you might be wondering about Skype business vs Skype and what Skype for business actually is? Or perhaps why should I use the Skype business version when I can do the most fundamental things with Skype alone?

In this piece, we will dissect the differences between Skype vs Skype Business.  List the opportunities and the drawbacks of both for individuals and the businesses alike. 

So that you can make an informed decision based on your needs and information taken from the difference between Skype and Skype for business

Skype for Business vs Skype

Let us just start with a table where all the features and whatever is allowed on the platform is going to be included. 

Skype Skype for Business 
Participants >20 people >250 people 
Integration with office appsDoesn’t integrate Fully integrates +Outlook and Sharepoint
Security Encrypted Enterprise level security 
Conference room setupLimited Advanced 
Accounts You can create with your own (personal) emailYou need to create with work account (email and password)
CostFree Not free: the prices are in the table below

There might be smaller differences in the technical sides of the platforms like how good of a video quality one supports and the other doesn’t. 

And those technical issues are not included because I am not a tech guy to understand all that and the technical  difference between Skype and Skype for business

But for me and most of the readers of our blog, those are the main pointers that pretty much sum up the idea of the Skype business vs Skype. 

Skype vs Skype Business: Pricing 

Below is the pricing plan for Skype Business.

skype vs skype business pricing

Meanwhile, the pricing plan for Skype itself is: 

skype versus skype business plans

Microsoft, the company that owns both of these platforms owns another video chatting platform called Microsoft Teams which is basically the app like Skype for Business, except it is a bit different. How different is a topic for another time to discuss! 

However, so far we have the difference between Skype for Business and Skype out of the way. 

Pros and Cons

Deciding if Skype versus Skype for business or Skype business vs Skype would be a better choice for you or your business. When using Skype you have limited functionality. 

But that is not a big problem if you are a smaller business or an entrepreneur. Because you won’t need much anyway. 

So in that case Skype will do. However, if it is a big corporation with calls going out often and wide to other countries as well, Skype for Business could be the fitting choice. 

After all its name suggests that it is for businesses. 

Plus the Skype for Business comes with a complete Windows Office 365  integration that is going to be helpful for your organization if you don’t want to spend some gold on extras. 


In conclusion, choosing Skype vs Skype Business should stem from your need for one or the other. 

You can’t keep using Skype because it’s cheap or convenient. If it starts to lack functionality and doesn’t provide you the benefits your organization needs among the difference between Skype and Skype for business

It is a good idea to switch to Skype for Business or other online conferencing platforms. 

Also, if you are interested how Skype is different from its rival Zoom, check out our Zoom vs Skype review. You will find comparable features, pricing, and user ratings.

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