Hey you, the business owner, wondering about Instagram vs Facebook? Which is better for your business? If Facebook were the father of all social media, Instagram, on the other hand, would be the mother.

Although, initially neither Facebook nor Instagram being the first one to be called social media platforms, they both went on to become of the most popular and populated during the last decade.

Setting up your business on either of the platforms can be the right strategy whether you are a small business or a creative person that wants to turn a hobby into a business. Both offer their unique yet quite comparable opportunities to advance your business.

IG vs FB users/differences/statistics. Let us get the algorithm stripped and exposed. Then we go on to compare which platforms do what better.

The Instagram algorithm calculates the followings:

  • Engagement: how many likes and comments on a post
  • Relevancy: how related is the post to the user
  • Relationship: posts from the accounts user interacts are shown more frequently and ranked higher
  • Timeline: recent posts are ranked higher
  • Searches: the more the profile is searched the higher it is ranked and showed on the search results
  • Shares: the more shares an account gets the more boost it has
  • Time spent: the amount of time spent on a post not just skipping through
Ig demographics

Facebook algorithm (2020) calculates these:

  • Posts from friends and family: posts from the user’s friends or family are now ranked higher for that specific user
  • Engagement: how many likes and comments and shares a certain post receives calculating within a certain time frame
  • Stimulating engagement: posts that foster more engagement and conversation are ranked higher
  • Baits: thus, posts that contentiously call for likes, comments, shares are now ranked lower
  • Promotions are demoted: unlike Instagram, you cannot set ads so that followers could buy right there and then
  • It is far easier to reach more people through Facebook ads

Facebook age demographics by age group

Fb demographics

Below are the statistics of both platforms

IG vs FB statistics

Now let us go ahead and break down the advantages of both platforms leaving you to choose which to work with.

IG Engagement       FB engagement
There are more than 95millions photos and videos shared every day on Instagram, more than 1 million advertisements. Most importantly, the highest engagement recorded on social media history, when compared to all other social media platforms, not just Facebook. Instagram has more females on the platform. It might be perfect for a business in female-oriented (aged 18-35 in particular) fashion or beauty industries as an example.   While in general people tend to spend more time on Facebook, users in fact stay longer on Instagram posts. Yet, on the other hand, Facebook hosts the richest number of users that surely helps business’s reach. Except the new Facebook algorithm which now ranks the posts of your friends and family higher, making the platform less business-friendly.  The interactions with brands have been historically recorded on Facebook more often. However, it is not clear how the change of their algorithm is going to affect the interactions now.

Instagram could be the best medium to seize the 18-35 female audience. However, when it comes to pure reach, Facebook is the father of all social media outnumbers Instagram on all age groups.

Ads efficiency on Instagram vs Facebook

Even though both platforms now belong to the same company and the ads are managed by one administration, the efficiency differs for they offer distinct forms of expression, ways and methods to do so.

With the controversial talks being tossed around about how Facebook ads are not working, we found out that they do.

Instagram is one of the reasons the term “influencer marketing” was invented. This is why advertising on Instagram is a good idea for all businesses.

The Instagram CEO said in a recent talk. “Instagram is going to be more business-friendly and incorporate the best shopping experience online”. Making it possible to buy merchandise without having to leave the platform.

Facebook has the most users on the planet yet as the statistics show the most active ones are said to be men between the ages of 25-34. That can only mean that your ads work on those people more often than not. However, when it comes to efficiency, let us talk about some science more like statistics.

  • 22% of the entire world’s population is active on Facebook. 68% of them are adults from the USA.
  • Content consumption has increased from 57% in 2014 to 76% in 2018.
  • 66% are there to learn more about products and services
  • Customers who associate themselves with the brand one way or another are more likely to do business with them on Facebook
  • The 2015 study shows that 52% of consumers decision was influenced by Facebook ads
  • Facebook’s super-targeted ads help businesses reduce their customer cost acquisition cost by 73%
  • Facebook has the highest rate of building awareness with an average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) at $7.19

Now let us talk about Instagram stats for business:

  • 14% of all the human population is active on Instagram monthly 37% of them being adults.
  • An estimated 75% of all US businesses are on Instagram
  • 70% of the users are there to learn about new products and services.
  • The 2019 study by impact shows that 72% of consumer’s decision was influenced by Instagram ads.
  • Instagram, by all means, is the hottest platform for influencer marketing.  As the studies show that 89% of businesses prefer Instagram to other social media platforms to collaborate with influencers.

Instagram vs Facebook: Differences

Instagram is definitely the best platform for influencer marketing. While Facebook performs better at CTR rate. The ads, which do better on Instagram, are with better visuals. The platform is meant to have better visual aspects.  While the ads that do well on Facebook are the ones that are more informative, and detail-oriented.

Instagram is unique in a way that it captures moments like no other platform. It is for this reason that the platform probably became the most engaged. However, engagement aside, the originality of photos and videos shared makes this platform almost the perfect for artists and creative people.  who are in the majority of businesses on the platform.

It has 70% of the Instagram users charmed and Instagram is also known for its stories, which receives more than 500 million active users daily.

It is an optimal way of advertising on Instagram. It encompasses everything Instagram stands for and everything the users expect to see, and there are 120 million Instagram users of stories in the USA alone.

Another one of the optimal ways businesses take advantage of this platform is but not limited to event shares, contests, promotions and/or simply hashtags.

Events shares are the ideal way to advertise your business free if you have quite the number of followers. This method and more exist on Facebook, but due to a higher rate of engagement on Instagram, you are more likely to have people swarming to your event if shared right.

Contests are in their own way something that makes Instagram customer tick like no other platforms. A successful contest could and should include relevant prize and an average level of the difficult task.

Hashtags are not unique to Instagram in general but are when paired against Facebook. It is the thing that sets it apart and businesses are taking this part very seriously. People just simply tend to spend more time on Instagram as shown by the graph below. Thus, the longer one spends time on the platform, the more chances the business gets to turn him into a customer.

average seconds spent online

Facebook tends to have more curated content, or the curated content tends to do better with Facebook. Judging by its regularity of encounter. 

Many businesses do their tests on Facebook for it has more active users it makes sense to use it for the benefit. 

Facebook has a more user-friendly environment tailored to a wide variety of audiences. In addition, the fact that Facebook apps exist across all the operating systems is what makes it quite user-friendly when it comes to messaging on both platforms.

Facebook makes businessperson’s lives easier with automated chats, which is something that businesses love. Perhaps this is dominated by bots?   Instagram has a direct approach to messaging.

It is also very good for small businesses, and people with smaller audiences, so that they can increase the level of trust and loyalty between their followers. 

 Instagram does well in many industries like Fashion, Beauty, Interior designs, Photography, and celebrities. We can conclude by this that, the creative industry does better on Instagram.

Especially the millennial audience.

millenials consumption across different scpheres

Final Thoughts

As a small business, the chances are, you are on both of the platforms and even have advertised. Whether it is so or not.

Our observation point to the fact that as a small business it is always important to understand where you are going and plan your next move by your condition.

This said, are you a creative business that could put Instagram into full use? Or an online store, which needs to raise awareness and generate leads? Whichever is the case, you need to figure out what works best for your business.