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How To Become A Twitch Partner [An Illustrated Manual]
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How To Become A Twitch Partner [An Illustrated Manual] 

Becoming a Twitch partner is the dream and aim of many streamers. While it comes easier for some, it could take a while for others. Either way, becoming a partner is the right way to a streaming a career if one wants to make a living from Twitch.

After becoming an affiliate, the process of which is quite simple, you will have the opportunity to apply for a partnership. However, becoming a partner is not guaranteed and the procedures are monitored manually by the Twitch associates.

In this article, we will shed some light on how Twitch streamers become partners and, what is the right way to do so.

Twitch Partner requirements

On the dashboard of every affiliate, there is the path to the partnership which you can always check out. However, if you feel lazy you can have a look here And if you are feeling even lazier, keep reading we are going to reveal it right here. So, be ready to take some notes.

  1. Stream for 25 hours
  2. Stream on 12 different days
  3. Average (as a verb) 75 viewers

The first two on the top are relatively easier to accomplish although the third one is what takes time, and dedication.

Even when you complete all the requirements, the partnership is not guaranteed. So now you might be wondering what is it that I should do to make sure to become a Twitch partner.

Before we go ahead and reveal all the tips and shortcuts for you to guarantee the Twitch partnership that you dream of, here is an article to surf one eye over about becoming an affiliate, just in case you are not.

When considering affiliates into partnership program, Twitch looks mainly at these three categories

· The content

· Average concurrent viewership

· Stream frequency and schedule

However, there is a fourth criterion that they do not talk about. And that is the social media presence. Since the platform receives millions of viewers and thousands of applications each day, becoming a partner has been very competitive. And only the best gets to achieve this prestigious status.

The good news is (in case if your application was turned down), you will have limitless chances in the future to apply and reapply until you become a partner.

That being said, it does not mean you would be applying every week as soon as you hit the requirements, it is advisable to apply after a month or every month.

But we will reveal some of the secrets so that you will only have to apply once and for all.

Chat attention

Chat attention on Twitch

This means more than just replying or chatting up while you stream. Because if you are pushing for partnership, you are most probably an affiliate, and thus have followers and viewers of some number.

Regardless of how fast you receive requests or questions. It is always necessary to give it the most effort to read. It is understandable if you have thousands of viewers and everyone happens to be a very active subscriber, it might be difficult.

But giving it the best effort you can, help you to build a better and more loyal community that you are going to need to become a partner and also in the future.

To help you keep up, there is text to speech configuration if you are using Streamlabs, but it must be available even if you are using some other software for your streams.

What it means is that when your viewers donate some bits it will speak up saying everything they said. It will also speak if they just simply wrote something.

This is although not comfortable for everyone and might be hard to get used to in the beginning, can change the tone and voice of the bot every now and then to mix it up a bit and not to die-off of a sound of a bot. 😉

Since you can talk and they can hear it must not be hard to answer the question coming from the chat. In fact, you do not need to wait until you are going to start to push for the partnership to enable this little feature.

It is so useful you can actually work with it from the beginning, who knows you and your bot one day might become friends 😉

The main reason that you should focus on the chat so much, is because when considering your application, the Twitch will look at how many people were in your streams and how long you have kept them.

The only and the best way to retain someone in the chat is by involving them in the process. There are many ways to include subscribers but the first and easiest one is surely just by talking back.

You also need to act or be like very dramatic, shout or get surprised, pissed, or whatever that is not ordinary so that chat can have a reaction. Talking back might retain those who have asked the question or those to whom the answer concerns, but the dramatic acting will keep the rest.

You should also ask questions and share your experience with games and other events every now and then when the chat goes quiet.

Loyal Community

Loyal Community on Twitch

When you first started streaming, you probably knew that your community will become the most important thing in the future, and it is true as ever.

Now we are not going to tell you to schedule your streams or interact with your audiences. Those are given, or something that you probably already know.

But to build a loyal community you will have to go above and beyond, that means:

  • Hosting
  • Raiding
  • Playing


 Hosting on twitch

Now let us explain what each of those are, and what they mean to you as a future Twitch partner.

If in your older affiliate days, all you had to do was to interact and thank them for coming in on your streams, as a partner you have to take it to the next level.

Well, you really do not have to. But if you wanted to become a partner these are the secrets weapons many have used to shortcut their path to partnership.

So, hosting someone on your streams not only will probably bring goodwill between you and the hostee but also it will increase your standing within your viewers.

The secret is if that hostee is one of your viewers, someone watching you gets inspired to become a streamer and now grinding it out just like the many before.

Hosting him/her, on your stream with many of the viewers who know you and probably him because he probably was such a trouble maker 😉 will give the impression to others that you are actually someone who cares about others and their success and willing to help.

That knowledge alone that you are willing to go the extra mile to help someone you probably only met on your streams will go a long way to building the perfect community.

Obviously sometimes your viewers could get a bit irritated or might not like it. Let us be honest, they probably stepped in to watch you, and instead, there is this guy.

So, you will need to know how to correctly host someone, and introduce him to your viewers the right way. Most importantly you should not do it for the entirety of the stream.

Sure, you can host for hours if you want, but an hour or two at most will do the trick. It is also important to have him play the correct game that you and your audiences are willing to watch.


Raiding on twitch

This aspect of Twitch is one of the most fun yet even more satisfying as a way to build a loyal community.

It means that you will have to raid other streamers with all your audience, send them to other streamers channel and chat or request music or do whatever your audience mood is.

It is advised to do it outside the stream hours and do it graciously and not bother anyone else. It is best if you raid someone whom you personally know or someone you know will not be mad if you were to spam out his chat with your emotes.

Although spamming your emotes is the idea of raiding, you can be mature and civilized and spam it with someone else’s emotes. 😉 Just make sure to never come back otherwise you might not be welcome.

Jokes aside, raiding in the streaming community is accepted as a positive thing, so there is nothing to worry about when sending your viewers to someone else’s channel.

So, the secret here also lies in choosing the right person to raid. It is good and useful to raid your friends and close people, but the best is when you raid someone of your own, meaning someone who used to be your fan and now has a channel of his own. And you are merely trying to help him grow.

A little fun, yet a bit darker secret lies in sending them to someone who is not as good a streamer as you are. We know you might not be the best streamer in the world, but it is certain that there are levels to this thing, as there are the people who are beginners and experts.

If you were to send your viewers to someone who has better designs, the total outlook of the channel, overlays, emotes stuff like that, you probably won’t lose your viewers but there is still a chance.

One the one hand, none of your audience members expects you to send them to someone who is established, nor will the established streamer. So it is not much to worry about, but something to be cautious and keep an eye out for.


As you might already expect the first two aspects of community building for partners involves your viewers, so does this one.

Playing with your friends could be more fun, but playing with your fans could be more rewarding, we mean it literally more rewarding in terms of the financial aspect, but also goodwill aspect of it.

Because, while you might not be a Michal Jackson of streaming or even Ninja, playing with those who watch you play will tell them that you are in this career not just for money. And that you are willing to not only deliver value and good content to your viewers but also some fun.

Fun is something that people cannot resist. So by making an offer, they cannot resist you are basically becoming Don Corleone of streaming. Which is way better than becoming any other personality of streams.

There are two strategies to playing with your audience.

First: It is also advised to do outside your regular stream sessions. It is even better to do it after your streams.

We might have forgotten to add this part in raiding but it is also a good idea to raid and play with people after streams.

When playing, it is also important to choose the right game to play, it should be a game that most of them have, and access to but also a game that can be played by many characters. But also, you want to make sure you win.

Second: you are going to stream play together. Which means playing while streaming.

This way is more beneficial especially when going for partnership because as we mentioned Twitch will look at your presence on other social media platforms, and when they do.

 It does not really matter what content you have. but it makes it easier for you to create original content for your other social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram, and TikTok and so on.

The best strategy yet is to do challenges. Many games have built-in challenges, and streamers go on at alone, but completing challenging is one thing. While challenging your fans to game is another.

This brings a lot more fun and connection with your audience. If you used to just post your schedule on Twitter before, now you can tag, and challenge those who follow you. By the way, it also incentivizes your audience to follow you on more than just one platform.

Randomly choosing the followers off the platform that you want to promote means more people are going to be keeping an eye out for when you post new things, be it your new schedule or the challenges.

Social Media Presence

Social media presence on twitch

We might have mentioned in the beginning that you need a presence on other social media platforms so that when you apply for the partnership the process consideration could work out in your favour.

However, this is more than just presence. It does not end once you have created an account on IG, or Twitter. You will need to grow those channels too. You might be thinking how you are supposed to grow all of them at once. 

So, it is also a good idea to hire someone to help you with that. Assuming if you are applying for the partnership you are probably earning some money, and investing a portion of it to earn even more is not a secret or an outrageous thing to do.

So, create a social media fund and hire someone to help you with that, however, if you feel you can handle it all and don’t mind the hassle. Here are a couple of things you can do


If you were just creating a business TikTok account and thinking of growing that channel big enough to one day make a living the tips would have been different, but when it comes to complimenting your main career which is streaming, then relevance plays a big role.

Obviously, you might be thinking @SSSpinerwolf has done it differently and her Iinstagram is quite different than her Twitch. But it is not to be sexist or any of those negative denominators, but she is hot and she is a true chick. If you are also a chick and as hot as she is, you might want to apply absolutely different strategy to grow your Instagram.

But if you are just a simple dude struggling to make it on Twitch you need every subscriber, then making other platforms work for one is the best bet.

So how we mean relevant?

It means to post content from your streams, post the most interesting moments, post it when you visited TwitchCon. If you have of course. As we gave the advice earlier, challenging your fans to play with you on Twitter will be a big step on becoming a Twitch Partner.


Among the best of the social media platforms one that works best for streamers is YouTube, bringing you quite the income.

So, you create a YouTube channel preferably with the same name that you use for streaming. Then create a specific content that revolves around Twitch or streaming itself.

You could post Twitch advice or your experience and your story. Just keep in mind to deliver value there as well, otherwise, it might be hard to grow that channel.

There are although many tips and tricks to grow a YouTube channel, one universal rule when it comes to any social media platform is providing value.

Your impact is also something that you want to focus on when applying for partnership, your impact in particular on social media. It means, how well your opinions are received and how well people react to you. It is important as this is something that Twitch will look into.

There is no telling why, but if we had to guess, it would be because Twitch also wants to provide value to its visitors and subscribers. What is a better way to do it, other than bring the best to the platform?

E-Sports Teams

E-sports team

If you play a certain game very well and are ready to go outside the streaming world to make good cash and also to fasten that process of becoming a partner, then joining an E-sports team, your next move.

This is not for everyone, even when you are very good at playing that game. Because being in the team comes with its responsibilities and duties, the one needs to consider every aspect of their intention before going ahead.

However, Twitch seems to give out partnerships easier to those who are already a member of a team or playing the game professionally. You can hear a lot about those streamers whose application to partnership was denied.

However, you rarely ever hear about the pro gamer whose application was denied. The chance of denial if you are a pro gamer is such low, that even when you stop playing professionally you could still become a Twitch partner.

Meaning if you are an ex-pro gamer, but a new streamer, the path to become a partner is quite straight. You just need to fit all the requirements, and voila, you get the partnership. However, if you are just a random dude then again you might have to go through all the advice we gave above.

To Wind it Up

Remember to keep a close eye on the stream chat and what happens and who writes. Host, raid, play with your fans to boost their loyalty and the fun you and they get.

Grow your other social channels by any means, it is important to have a strong social media presence to be accepted as a Twitch partner.

If you happen to play your game very well, you might join a team and get that partnership signed.

Lastly, it is not really important that you are a pro gamer or a hot girl to grow your Instagram. There are countless ways to organically grow any social media platform. You can try to take some feedback off of them or just simply hire an assistant to take that in charge.

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