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How To Become a Twitch Affiliate [Not a Twitch Partner]
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How To Become a Twitch Affiliate [Not a Twitch Partner] 

You have been thinking about becoming a streamer for a while now. And among all the great platforms out there, you have chosen Twitch for your new career, yet you still do not know how to get started.

Looking for that one last push to help you overcome the doubts or fears you might have in becoming a Twitch streamer.

Don’t worry and read on. We will tell you exactly how you can go from a regular streamer to Twitch affiliate in the most convenient and convincing way possible to get you to be making the doughs in no time.

In this article, we will uncover, how you can become a Twitch affiliate and what is the quickest way to making money on Twitch and useful information you might need to stay on top of your game.

Let us explain the requirement for becoming a Twitch Affiliate. There are differences between an affiliate and a partner.

We will mainly be focusing you helping you become a twitch affiliate. You can find out more about the differences here

Twitch Affilate, Twitch Partner, and Other Streamers Comparison Chart

There are four requirements you need to fulfill within the 30-day period.

Note that it does not have to be the first month after you signed up. Below are necessary to be fulfilled within any 30-day period. Even though you signed up like a couple of months ago, or even 6 months ago, as long as you meet these requirements within any 30-day period, you are eligible.

  • Reach 50 followers
  •  Stream for 8 hours
  •  Stream on 7 different days
  • Have 3 concurrent views

Now that we got that out of the way let us get into it. Before we go ahead and talk about the twitch affiliate program if you have some questions that we may miss by chance. This link should help you fill that void and answer your questions


Before you start streaming or ever think about streaming one thing you want to make sure is why?

What do we mean by that? Well, find out why do you even want to stream and why you could be the person whom people should follow.

It is a straight forward question that is not asked by many people who get into streaming before they get into it.

It does not matter why it is not asked or practiced, what matters is that YOU want to do this. Because it is no secret streaming world is very much over-populated, there are more than 1.5 million streamers on Twitch only.

By now we know there are many other platforms you can stream, but for the sake of this article being about streaming on Twitch, we will stick to one platform only.

Out of those 1.5 million, only a handful made it to the limelight. And if you happen to be after the glory and fame, there is nothing wrong with that, it only means you will have to take it very seriously.

However, if you just want to stream and see if this is going to be a viable option. Then don’t!

This requires a lot of nerves, patience, and to a certain degree, financial support, meaning that you might have to live in your parent’s house or have your girlfriend or wife support you until you can bring in your fair share of bread.

That is why finding out from the very beginning the reason behind your streams helps you understand what you are willing to go through and how much effort are you ready to put through as well.

And that, in turn, helps you become an affiliate faster or slower. Twitch affiliate payout goes every two weeks depending on how much you have made. There are a few ways you can make money on, including donations and you can read more in detail here

Don’t be afraid if you want to become a full-time streamer but lack the necessary skills or equipment or whatever else that might be stopping you.

The benefits of being a streamer far outweigh whatever it might be that is stopping you,

                Living off of your passion

                Having the freedom

                Varied source of income

Are of the main benefits of becoming a Twitch Streamer.  

As a matter of fact, becoming a streamer is easy, when done right.

Now that we have found you why, we need to plan it out how we will accomplish this.

The Plan

Planning is a very serious and important part of a ‘wanna-be a streamer’ journey. Because you need to set goals and deadlines and these are the aspects that are going to help you measure your success and stay on course.

Why Planning is Important for a Successful Twitch Streamer

Planning is not just an important part of a Twitch streamer career but it is also being crucial for any other business. And since you intend to make money streaming it is also a business that should be regarded as one.

Also, during this time, you need to find your audience, do a little bit of research into which games are being streamed the least or the most, and which among them have the highest number of viewers.

What times are popular and what times being dead for your particular game or game category. For example, if you intend to stream strategy games: is it better to stream during the evening or perhaps during the lunchtime.

All this information and more should be well dug and uncovered before you ever set foot on streaming.

A small side, note. Do all planning on a piece of paper and write all the information you need. Because you are going to be needing it all the time, but also it helps with your retention of the newly acquired data.

It is not just planning that needs to be done, more importantly, you need to find your niche now. This part is also extremely important because of a strategic move.

First, you don’t want to be in a saturated niche.

Second, you don’t want to be in a niche you are not good enough.

Sorry to disappoint you with the second sentence coming out straight and bold. But that is the harsh truth.

Yes, there are many streams these days that are not gaming category, or many streamers who are average or meh-level players.

If we could compare the streamers into influencers namely IG influencers, these average players would have been micro-influencers or advocates in IG terms, which translates into saying that they are people with a smaller number of the following but more loyal fan base.

And there is nothing wrong with having a smaller number of followers. But aiming to be one is the problem because then you might not even reach that level, for you will not try as hard.

We, on the other hand, want you to reach your full potential and become the streamer you always dreamed about, so that perhaps later when you become, you could give us a shout-out in IG terms 😉

Your niche has to be something you first enjoy and ready to spend hours upon hours of time, plus you need to be good at it. Now, let us break down the requirements to become a Twitch affiliate. You can read more about on this topic here.

You have to stream for 8 hours which is not a lot in fact. So, depending on how much time you are ready to dedicate for this craft you can take up to a couple of hours every other day.

However, if you want to become an affiliate in the soonest possible time, it is recommended to stream every day.

Tip number one, actually this is kind of the second one after finding your “why”, and taking action. Well, it actually might even be the third one. But okay keep all those in mind and remember to do the following in order.

Scheduling your streams

You need to schedule when and what time are you going to stream. It is utterly important that you show that information on your profile too.

Also, a small reminder that is kind of out of the topic of scheduling but is about twitch streamers. It is that you need to have your channel well decorated with overlays and panels.  And if you happen to need those for free. You can obtain them on this website

When it comes to scheduling:

Scheduling The Time For Streaming Is Important

The first thing you want to keep in mind is when it is good for you. The second thing you want to keep in mind is when it is good for your audience.

Planning and finding your niche comes really in handy at this stage, because you will have already found what niche game you are going to be streaming and planning your time well.

Show up on your streams

Now, once you have set the timing for your streams and found the type of games you are good within a particular niche you chose.

It is time to show up. It might seem obvious at first but this part is tremendously significant. Because you might have a family, or kids, or perhaps, school, or work, hobby. Surely a bunch of other things that you do on a daily basis, or some type of responsibilities.

That is why, once you planned the timing and a schedule. You need to show up regardless of what. Despite any of the above, if one of that relates to you, one that must relate to you if you live on earth and are a human being.😉

Show up to every single schedule you have set, in the beginning, it might not be easy especially if you don’t have followers or viewers. But no matter what, just show up consistently.

A side tip for when you struggle with acquiring followers or viewers, we will touch on that later a bit more in detail, but for now what you can do is ask you, friends and family.

It is reported that more than 56% of US households have Amazon Prime. That means 5 out of your ten acquaintances have a Prime subscription.

Ask them to follow you, or to support you for the first few weeks. It should not be hard to subscribe to your channel as they already have the prime membership.

In case if they cannot make time, you can even trade with them. For example, asking them to watch you for two hours in exchange for two hours of your time dedicated to helping with their chores later.

Interacting With Twitch Followers Is Key

It is important to do this at least till you get your first few real Twitch followers. Apart from the commission they will bring that is just enough for your coffee, they will bring more inspiration and encouragement to keep going.

Knowing that you now have followers even in the smallest number is going to help you stay consistent and more responsible.

Engage with your followers, viewers.

Becoming a Twitch streamer could not be complete without this very section. Because if though you might have asked your family to follow you or your friends, you need to get into the habit of engaging with them in the comments.

A side tip, do not mic up with anyone. It might distract you but also prevent them from chatting.

The more people that chat the better it is for you. It is for this reason you want to be chatting with them too. Don’t be afraid if you think you might not have the right personality or don’t know what to say. What usually happens with some of the streamers is that they run out of things to talk about after the boring old greeting.

So, ask questions about them, don’t be afraid to personalize the chat. Because in a sense that is your community and you need to be the leader.

Although don’t go too far as asking their address or personal phone number or anything. Or don’t push for it, because there are some people who are there just to see you play or hear what you have to say about the game.

SO, you can also always talk about the game and if they have played it or willing to play it. There are many aspects related to the game you can discuss.

In a nutshell, you get the point, once someone comes, welcome them, chat with them, and gradually build a community with them.

Now let us go back for a moment when we asked family and friends to support us. Why do you say? Because before we wrap it up, we want to give you the exact steps to become an affiliate in the soonest possible time.

If we were to run the calculations, you could already be an affiliate within a week.

First, you have asked three people from your inner circle. This means you have met the three concurrent viewers for your 7-day stream.

Next, you just have to put in the hours, and be consistent.

Remember whatever deal you make with your close, people will go away as soon as the deadline is over. It was advised you do that only to become an affiliate. But along the way you need to work on your personality and delivery as we have mentioned.

To wrap it up

Find out why you want to stream. Is it seriously for making money, or just enjoying the game with a few other people, Ill-advised it may be, it is hard in the beginning to have people watching your stream or following it.

We will give you one last important link where you could get some followers and viewers only to help you become affiliate faster. So, check out to inquire about their products and services.

  • Then, plan every single step, and also find your niche category and game.
  • Schedule the times you are going to be streaming
  • Show up on your stream no matter what
  • Engage and build community

In short, these are the things you can do to become an affiliate, and depending on how much you are willing to spend, you could even become an affiliate within a week.

So, go on now, start streaming 😉!

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