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Gog vs Steam: Gamer’s Review [Library, Support, Offline Play, DRM]

Gog vs Steam: Gamer’s Review [Library, Support, Offline Play, DRM] 

Gog vs Steam is a topic in which both have the potential to come out stronger than one another. It only depends on what you look at. 

If you don’t know what to look at. And can’t choose between two. 

In this article, we will discuss what is Gog and Steam except you probably already have heard about Steam. 

Also, discuss the unique features both platforms have and answer whether you should go for Gog or Steam.

Before we get started with Gog vs Steam here is the small table of the different factors setting the platforms apart. It is a comparative table.

Category SteamGog
Games LibraryBiggerFewer
Customer ServiceWorseBetter
Refund PolicyComplicatedBetter
CommunityBigger Smaller almost non-existent
Offline playLimited Possible

Please also, note that both platforms have other features like tracking your achievements or in-game overlays, deals, free games etc.

However, the table represents Steam vs Gog in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

Is Gog Good: Games Library 

When we think about vs Steam in terms of the library there is no doubt which one is better. To append to what you may already know. Although the number of games on Gog seems whole fewer, the quality seems a whole lot better. 

If you don’t know what is here is the explanation, it is a gaming platform that lets you download and play video games.

DRM and Offline playability are other factors we will discuss later on. But even the mere 3-4k games they feature seem like they have been hand-picked. In terms of quality of games Gog vs Steam, the  former wins.

Although this probably is going to change if they want to become as big as Steam or rival them at some point in the future. 

Despite all the sudden popularity of the platform on the internet, is quite a small platform that needs quite a bit of growing before they can match Steam’s library. 

If you are wondering about the Gog games, here is the link to their library

Steam vs Gog: Customer Service 

Although the library being bigger in Steam is an obvious aspect of the comparison. What is not as obvious when you put Steam and Gog together is the customer service. seems to have better customer service. It could be that its customer base is also smaller than that of Steam’s. 

As such the complaints may be fewer. Whether this is the case or not. When Gog Galaxy vs Steam compared, Gog comes out on top. 

Customer service is not the most crucial aspect for gaming platforms. because at the end of the day, it depends on games more than it is on the medium. 

Also, many people before they make purchases watch reviews and gameplays. They do their due diligence most of the time even if not always. 

Steam and Gog: Refund Policy

Although the refund policy is complicated with Steam, they consistently declare they are reworking to better it, and are getting better gradually. 

However, when we compare Gog vs Steam, seems to be better in this regard as well. 

Part of it is they have better customer service and when you have better customer service refund policy seems better too. As the unhappy population of your clients is getting served well. 

This is not just one key element of it. Their refund policy is up to 30 days. That is a huge offering. They guarantee refunds even if you played the game within these 30 days. 

Of course they probably won’t refund you if you have finished it. And probably there are other terms and conditions that stop users from abusing this aspect of the platform. 

However, 30 days is already a big promise and advantage when comparing Gog vs Steam. 

Steam or Gog: Mods

The talk about the Steam’s community could go on and on, especially the forum where you could literally find answers to questions you have not even asked yet

It is one of the biggest advantages of Steam vs Gog.  Apart from help and answers, it just gives you the feeling of ease or quietness even when you have a problem. 

Because you know you still can ask it from the forum and fix the issue. 

The mods are friendly and reply asap. On top of all that the modding support is a great part. Even though I didn’t include it in the table above, the modding is in fact a part of the gaming experience. 

There are games when you mod them to become even better and with unique features and options. 

Those things can also be developed and are developed by independent modders, but the support you get from that community is what makes the difference between Gog vs Steam. 

Is Gog Better Than Steam?

Offline playability is not a big issue nowadays for the internet is accessible in most parts of the world. 

However, sudden cut offs of electricity or your wi-fi plan’s sudden death could still be a big issue especially if you are an avid gamer. 

There is nothing more frustrating than you are playing a game online and suddenly you can’t continue because your plan has run out, and till you pay and figure it out, you have already lost the game. From this point of comparison on Gog vs Steam, the former wins again. 

For those occasions or even when you just want to play on your own, Gog offers many games with no DRM

Meaning once you download the game, it is yours and you decide what to do. Or so they promise. 

However, from the technical law point of view, this is not true. Because when a video game company produces the game, they hold the rights in perpetuity. Thus, they could easily sue you if you spread the game. 

For what it is worth. Let us consider that they are right and that becomes their advantage. Plus almost all the games they have can be played offline

God vs Steam: DRM & Personal Take

I decided to dedicate a whole new paragraph to the issue of DRM because even when you download games from Steam, well most of them. 

Gog claims they are DRM free, which is basically saying someone worked on the game and released it for everyone else to copy and use as they please.

From my experience this rarely ever happens because you usually don’t want your hard work to go to waste like that. You can still release it free to play, but own the rights to it. 

In any case, back to the topic of Gog vs Steam. In terms of DRM, Steam only offers a handful of games free of rights. While all the games listed on are advertised as DRM free. 

DRM free or not, as a player we  rarely ever care about who holds  the rights to and how doesn’t. 

Claiming, get DRM free games is bad marketing and one that doesn’t really work for the platform and for the game developers. 

To Wrap Up

Gog vs Steam shouldn’t actually be a discussion when it comes to the comparison of libraries. However when you want to compare the quality of service, especially customer service, this becomes a heated discussion with Steam having a bunch of issues while Gog comes out on top. 

When we put Gog vs Steam in regards to the other aspects like the refund policy wins this round as well.

However, when we talk about community, just like the first argument of the library, Steam is the dominant one. 

It is only when you start discussing the offline playability and RDM free games that Gog can come back into discussion. 

Those are the main differences between the two platforms. 

The verdict though stays with you. And if we were to recommend you anything, it would be that you use both. 

Because they both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and depending on what you desire the most at what moment, you can turn out the corresponding platform.

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