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9 Ways To Get Free Twitch Followers
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9 Ways To Get Free Twitch Followers 

What if we told you there were ways to get free Twitch followers easy, fast, and real?

Whether you are new to streaming or old, you know for sure how important followers are on Twitch.

Having many followers is the main idea of streaming, however, in the beginning, it is harder to get those precious followers to your side unless you provide the kind of value they cannot resist.

In this article, we are going to review ways to get followers in the best way, plus going through some of the websites that offer this very service.

free twitch followers

Before we start it is important, we mention that buying bots or viewer bots is illegal and forbidden on Twitch. So are the so-called generators, whatever they might generate.

If you intend to buy Twitch followers, your only option is to buy them from a trusted source or work hard to obtain them by yourself.

Obviously, you want to know how to get free followers because you want to become an affiliate fast. And we are ready to back you up.

Check out this article where we have explained how to become a Twitch affiliate in just a week.

You can also watch this video to learn how to grow your channel to become an affiliate or a partner

Social Media Influence

Using social media for various strategies is always a good idea. Many streamers do have a presence on different social media platforms, and having presence alone can sometimes do you magic in bringing followers.

However, what you really want to do apart from just being present and advertising is to follow or connect with other streamers. It brings you meaningful friendships, but also subtly could transfer some of their followers to you too.

Even though it might not take followers away from, but add to yours, keep in mind to not spam around. The way you do this is by commenting on their profiles with some compliment and delicately slide in your schedule of streams, with the games you play.

There are many people who regularly look for streamers who play a certain game. For example: when we do research on topics related to streaming or streamers, we mainly look for streamers who are playing a game that we have in mind.

This is not only the case for people with professional needs but also people who just like the game. That is why it is important to be strategic in choosing the right streamer. This can even be done on the Twitch platform itself.


By meet-ups, we did not mean the website meetup, although there might be a group for streamers. So, you might want to check it out yourself too.

But what we really mean is that there are numerous events happening in almost every big city around the world. Events like TwitchCon, MineCon, etc. by visiting them you will get to meet many different people who are interested in the games, in streaming, and in pretty everything that revolves around this business.


It is almost like a door to door advertising except for going to people’s houses. Many streamers just visit those evens in hopes of better connections and improvements and increase in the number of Twitch followers, viewers and the like.

It does not mean though one has to go to every counter and tell them what he is and what he does. Even though this is the purpose.

It is better to make it happen organically, like opening up a small conversation and letting it lead to Twitch and streaming from where you will be dropping your address.

So you are going to want to make sure to have a visit card of some sort. So that people can easily find you or remember you. This also requires you to be a social person. In case if you are not, there are always ways to pump it up, you know what we mean 😉


On the one hand, this could have come within the social media section, however, due to the fact that the users of these platforms being very loyal and against advertising, Reddit and discord can have their own section because you will need absolutely different strategy here than anywhere else.

Here most of the streamers who have a follower or two, have done it through the following ways.

  • By giving out advice
  • By being active

Since streaming takes a lot of time dedicating an hour or so in a day to be online there and chatting and commenting will bring people who like what you type and how you type it.

There are even times when people ask for streamers who stream a certain game this is when you can drop your link.

Building trust among the group members if you happen to be in one, is the first step you should take.

So you cannot join a group or subreddit and just spam out your address, even though many do that, those are the ones who get the least efficiency from that.

Building trust is in fact very easy, it just requires you to provide real value to the subreddit community or the group you are in on Discord.

The more value you provide the better chances you are recognized by the community.

The more recognized you are the more chances those Redditors will come and check you out. From then on, it is fully your responsibility to retain them.

Streaming On Different Platforms Simultaneously

By now surely you must have heard about Mixer or YouTube gaming, perhaps Facebook live as well, these are the other streaming platforms that are gaining huge popularity lately.

Streaming On Different Platforms Simultaneously

It is good both for the streamer and for the viewer. A viewer now has more choices when it comes to enjoying their stream. Streamers have more chances to gain an audience through any of these.

Thus, streaming on two or more of these platforms will bring you more followers. There is also Restream, a platform that simulcasts your streams to any of those.

It simply enlarges the possibility of your reach. We are not talking about streaming and putting your videos on YouTube, this is a good thing to bring in more money. Your YouTube followers might not always turn into your Twitch followers.

However, with Twitch holding 75% of all streams that happen in the US there is a big chance many of those who even though watch streams on other platforms, are paid users of Twitch.

Amazon Prime is the biggest membership platform that has more than 56% of all US residents, and Twitch belongs to them. If you happen to gain followers on any other streaming platform, it is far easier to transform them into your main big channel which probably is Twitch.

However, all these ways can be implemented on any of the streaming platforms, since streaming is still streaming. So, check out this article to find out the pros, and cons of streaming on Twitch vs Mixer.

Improve The Delivery

The times for TV are over, nowadays many young people do not even own TVs, or even if they do, they rarely ever watch it with an exception of Netflix of course. They simply turn to YouTube or Twitch to join in the fun of chatting, watching, being part of a community.

Your delivery plays a big part in acquiring and maintaining followers, for they are not there to simply watch you having fun, they want to be part of that fun. They want to be part of the game.

This is why it is important how you deliver your content when streaming. Are you a charismatic Twitch streamer, or someone who is kind of weird in a cute way?

Whichever it is, or the other type that categories don’t include, your presentation style will be the determining factor for one to either stay or leave your channel.

If you have heard before advice like: “be yourself” or “don’t care what people think” you will have to forget these tips.

They are good to lead a normal healthy life, but when it comes to streaming you are going to want to pay attention to what your followers are thinking. And improving on top of that.

Twitch users also prefer to watch someone who pays close attention to details and takes this job seriously. Thus, improving the look of your channel with various different overlays, and better equipment, and most significantly being consistent with your timing and scheduling is necessary.

If you need free Twitch overlays, you can get them here on FreeTwitch there are other free Twitch services you can get from them as well, such as viewers, followers. We will talk more in detail later in the article, stick around to find out.

Channel Appearance

Channel appearance is very important. Even though you went through all the hardships of the above tips and found yourself some followers, or got people to check you out, it is crucial to keep them, thus by keeping them you are only technically getting free followers.

channel look from Ninja

Retaining can be easily achieved if you have the following:

  • Crazy good charisma/skills vs low design
  • Crazy good designs vs low skills/charisma

Obviously, it is absolutely important to have all of the above, but since you are reading this article in need of free Twitch followers, then it is safe to assume you need followers thus you are still new or just starting.

When streamers just start, they have neither good channel designs nor good skills. In fact, it is something that comes with time; so it is not much to worry about. But enough to consider improving if you intend to make living streaming. 

A good Twitch layout is like the dress that people wear. The better dressed you are, the better first impressions are. You might be the kindest or nicest person you are, but if you are dressed like a homeless man on the street, chances are: people will not bother to get to know you.

It is basically the same thing if you have the beautiful layout and eye-catching overlays, and panels and graphics, and the one-of-a-kind emotes, plus all that going for you.

People will stick around. Those paid users on Twitch might simply give you a sub to ask questions about it, or to have the possibility to use those ones of kind emotes.

Check out this article to get free Twitch emotes plus find out ways to make them that special.

Free Followers

Before the end of the article, we will throw away a few websites where they claim they can provide free Twitch followers, real people.

Many might have advised you against buying followers but actually buying followers could also be a good strategy to increase your credibility.

Of course, you do not want 100% of your followers to be bought ones, or else who is going to pay your bills 😉 but including 10%-30% of followers of them is both safe and gives you kind of reputation you need.

Even though we just said buying followers, FreeTwitch gives away free followers for those are ready to go through human verification

This website seems to pop up on the first page of google searches a lot when it comes to free Twitch likes, followers, or viewers. Thus, they must be good enough to be on the first page.

Plus, it has the simplest yet cool design that is really easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

They have many testimonials on how fast the delivery and the authentic it is. Also including before and after pictures of the people who used their services.

This website on the other looks so professional and so well put forth that you could easily see how hard people behind it work.

It surely does have a ton of positive reviews; you might encounter one or two complaining about the delay in delivery of the product. But it is just the delay, not the absence, so it is authentic.

To Wrap It Up

Whether if you are buying followers or following through ways explained above to get followers free, the important part of Twitch career is consistency.

So stay consistent and use your social media influence.

Show up on Meet-ups/events and chat your way through Discord/Reddit, always stream on different platforms simultaneously.

All the while Improving your delivery, channel appearance to reach new heights.

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