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Top 11 Anime Streaming Sites You Have To Try in 2020 [Free and Paid, HD quality, Subbed and Dubbed]

Top 11 Anime Streaming Sites You Have To Try in 2020 [Free and Paid, HD quality, Subbed and Dubbed] 

Ever since the Pikachu’s thunderbolt hit America in 1998, it started what we now know as the “Anime Craze”, this craze in return brought Japan an industry that was almost dominating the world’s pop culture.

Whether you were part of it the craze or part of it now, these are the Anime Streaming sites for you to enjoy both free and paid.

Anime’s golden years of 2002-2017 brought Japan $19 billion a year. Even though the anime had been produced decades and decades before. 

The love and appreciation of anime has never been higher and more open than now. It is for this reason that we share all these websites so that you can have the taste of anime free and in English, well is most cases except a few websites.


By far the best feature of this websites apart many others, is the fact that you can download the videos completely free of charge and in full HD quality

Surely you will need to create an account to do this, but creating an account is something that most other websites require you to do just to watch the trailers.

Among all those other features, we talked about is an active forum with other anime lovers, discussing, posting, socializing on there. It is also great to ask for some suggestion for your next virtual anime-ture, or hopeless romance kind of series to binge on.

Once you create your account with a purpose of downloading your anime, as a bonus you get an ad free viewing of top rated animes, or TV shows, both dubbed and subbed.

Before we move on to others, it is also important to mention that the interface of the websites is quite straightforward when compared to ones like anime freak.

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: big 9 900
  • Dubbed library: tiny if any
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Subbed: huge 
  • Price: free


Following on this list is the Funimation. While we have said free, it was not about this website for this is paid service and is likely to remain this way.  However, $7.99 you pay per month is definitely worth if you are an anime fan.

The streaming platform features full HD quality shows, movies dubbed in English and in case of subtitles with multiple languages to choose, in fact most of their library is dubbed. So, there is no need to worry for those people who cannot watch anything that is not in English.

This website takes our number one place on the list for many reasons, including the library, the options it provides to watch, the filter and the recommended movies, everything about this platform is top notch.

The thing that we were fondest of is the fact that you can filter by mood. Isn’t that simply amazing? The only catch is you actually need to understand your mood in anime terms, for example we still cannot figure out what shows you would normally watch under “Mecha shows” or “high school hijinks” the later one would include high school is the only one obvious enough for us (crazy anime fans 😉) to understand.

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: more than 500
  • Dubbed library: big
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Subbed: everything
  • Price: $7.99


When it comes to liking the names of the websites this one is right up there. Simple and easy to remember this website is definitely worth visiting just for the sake of the design and structure. But it’s not just it.

Even though it has the most basic white background with some thumbnails of the movies on top, the website looks cool and really attractive. It is interesting though that there are movies and series there too. Despite having a great library, we feel it’s a bit of an extra for an anime website, because, let us be honest, not many of you come to anime website to watch Joker; you go to one of those Putlockers websites.

The good thing is that they feature all English shows with HD quality, especially all the latest of the shows, you would know you are going to enjoy it in full HD and won’t need to tire your eyes following the subtitles.

Another one of the cool features that you don’t usually see on the websites like this is that it tells you the IMDb score at the right bottom side of the anime thumbnails.  Not only that, once you hover over your mouse it gives you more details about the show, things like:  a description, a year it was made, and even the number of people who watched it.

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: about 1700 animes/ 1000 cartoons/ 500 movies/series
  • Dubbed library: big
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Subs: everything


To continue on our tradition of giving out the best of the websites, in the beginning, we say this website has the best quality.  Of course, there are others with some good quality videos, but this one maintains it consistently which tells the audience how much they appreciate them.

There are almost no dubbed series, which they make up for with sheer quality we already mentioned, but if you want to mix it up a bit from time to time from subbed to dubbed to nothing, this will only work half the time.

A cool feature arises once you have an account with them, and it is that if you are watching a series, but you don’t know when the episode is going to be out. The websites does a cool job of reminding you and keeping you updated in news and changes of that very series.

Plus, recommendations work really well as if they were using the latest algorithm out there today.

For a while now, it was hard to decide which one to include between and for both outstand as having great quality.

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p+.
  • Library: 10890
  • Dubbed library: small
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Subbed: everything
  • Price: free


Oh, yes, we know you feel the same way right now rising your eyebrows! But don’t be pissed off just by its name.

Despite some of the similarities of this website to the one above we have decided to dedicate a whole chapter for this one as well.
Because, when you really consider, the similarities exist in all of those websites for they all serve one purpose.

However, a place in the list ensures a bit more value to the reader, to you so that you could have a bit more to choose from.  In this case one more website where you can indulge in your fascination with the imaginary world that animes most often depict.

Their subreddit seems to be always active and they seem to take it seriously, for they solve the issues that usually are risen there.

Except the problems with ads, which might be the problem with all the free services.

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: 675
  • Dubbed library: tiny
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Subbed: huge.
  • Price: free


It was difficult to decide which goes here, is it Animefreak or Chia-Anime. If it were about the graphics and design, Animefreak would have won without any second thought. However, it is the dedication and efficiency of these websites that made it hard to put one over the other.

It is incredible how fast they update their library and get everything online. Off course with this comes a few drawbacks such as the films are not all dubbed.

Most cases films have at least subs in English and in some cases in a few other European languages as well. However, there are times when the uploaded content is only in Japanese. Well, it still can be useful for the ones learning Japanese.

Even though did not take any place on the list, still big shout-out to them and their dedication and devotion to the anime community.

Another smaller reason is that they do not have any dubbed clips.

  • Quality: 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: 3142
  • Dubbed library: small
  • Subs: not always
  • Price: free


While we are still talking about the language the series are run, the site that comes to our mind is  It is definitely worth noting that everything on there is dubbed.

The websites might not have the latest of episodes to your favorite anime, but it does have quite the library of dubbed animes most people love, and they too constantly update their library with new dubbed videos almost every day.

The website is very simple, really easy to navigate and find something. The quality of the animes and cartoons, yes they have quite the collections of cartoons too, oh yes, the quality is amazing.

One most important thing to mention is that the website is totally free of charge, and does not require you to have any sort of account or whatsoever to enjoy your favorites.

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: 1530
  • Dubbed library: almost everything
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Price: free


If we have given away one of the best in the beginning, we saved the other best to the end. This website is also an online streaming platform for anime, which is legal unlike many others mentioned here.

Although on a free roll, you will have to wait for weeks for new episodes and encounter numerous ads during your watch time, the most irritating one is the fact that it is not always possible to watch in higher resolution.

It is nice though to have the option to watch subs in many different languages. The websites has all the aspects you expect an anime site to have, the cool design, a forum with bunch of crazy people, and constant updates in library and structure of the site.

All of that cost $7.99 with another cool feature “Simulcasts” promising the show to air with the first hour it aired in Japan.

You can even play games, imagining yourself in the shoes of the Naruto or the Buruto in an epic son versus father battle. 

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: nearly 500
  • Dubbed library: big
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Subs: everything
  • Price $7.99

Just dubs

Another one of the sites where all their library is in English. And the cool part about it, you don’t have to mix between a website to watch your favorite anime somewhere, and cartoon somewhere else. They have it all covered, from the cartoons of the previous century to the latest ones.

The animes they feature are also very much up to date and very well translated. By the way are you also a fan of nickelodeon? If you are, then you are in luck, because they have all kinds of nick shows on there too. Isn’t that wonderful? One site for all your viewing pleasure.

The websites we must admit is also very straight-forward and easy to find a show, whether it is a cartoon or an anime you are after, they have the filter like no other websites. you could look for your favorite cartoon by genre, by type of by status, by sort, by even letter.

It is free and it is possible to download whatever it is you are watching. The only drawback we might say about this almost flawless websites is that it does not have a big library.

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: about 200 animes/ 200 cartoons
  • Dubbed library: big
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Subs: everything



You can expect all sorts of anime series here, for they have quite the bigger library. And most importantly they are of the top-notch quality.

Off course not all the series or the anime uploaded is the best quality. But you could easily realize that they take the quality very seriously as soon as you click play on one of the shows.

The website is well organized, and of simple nature, nice-looking. Say, a website for anime noobs, because they care how easily you find what you are looking for.

The website can nudge you to watch a certain show which has been liked by many under the popular tab. The best tab we found about them was, that random button that recommends you a random show which is usually really nice.

It is one of the best anime streaming sites not only because it just has many interesting subbed animes but also it has quite the number of dubbed animes for you to enjoy.

The best feature yet to talk about is that it does not have ads. Well, they do, but when you compare to an average website (who normally bombards you with loads of ads as soon as you visit) they don’t, we have yet to see a single ad on the websites.

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: about 400 animes
  • Dubbed library: small
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Subs: everything



It is almost not possible to give a list of anime streaming sites without ever including this notorious website with over 45,000 legal animes online. This is one of our online streaming platforms which are hugely regarded by the fans.

It in fact is so much so, that if this was a movie, and criticized over on rottentomatos. No matter what the critics say, the fans would rate it 10 out of 10 and fight against the critics all the way through.

It is partly because the websites is run by the fans for the fans. The site seems to have good collections of dubbed and subbed catalogue.

Although you have to create an account to be able to watch anything online.  One creative thing we noticed about them is that they have a character section where they have the top loved characters and hated ones.

It has a lot of partnerships with other streaming sites which probably helps you them run ad free legal content online. 

  • Quality 480p, 720p, 1040p.
  • Library: more than 10,000
  • Dubbed library: big
  • Dubbed: in English
  • Subs: everything

We love this website. But it is not to say that this is going to be based or anything. Okay, maybe its going to be biased just a little bit, it is the name.

Of the unique features and things worth mentioning is that the website has anime news. It is really creative and something that anime lovers need.

Because, you could in fact visit this website just for the sake of the news and read and stay up to date with your favorite animes.

We found the website to be very simple as well, sure we have used this very adjective (simple) describing other websites too, but this time it is the right way to describe this one. They have only for tabs, and each tab serve a specific purpose and fulfill it professionally.

Another reason we love apart from the name is the fact that it features all the licensed U.S animes. That is why it might not be the newest one that just came out.

It is the third website in a row without ads. 

In Summary

If you need an endless stream of anime, then animeplanet or kissanime might be the one for you, or in case if want few but good quality then head over to funimation or crunchyroll.

However, if you can’t watch with subs and need to stream only in English then you can head over to any off those websites plus just dubs as the name suggests.

Whether you want to pay $7.99 to Funimation or the Crunchyroll, or perhaps, just pirate it like there is no tomorrow, we hope, these anime streaming sites are going to help you get the most out of them.

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